A good guide to Galatz

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A good guide to Galatz

Galatz, capital of the region of Galatz, is a port on the Danube estuary about 130 kilometers (about 80 miles) from the Black Sea. The city stands on a slight rise in the marshlands formed by the nearby Siret and Prut rivers, close to the southwest shore of Lake Brates, the largest freshwater lake in Romania. Local workers make their living in flour mills, grain elevators, large warehouses, petroleum refineries, rope factories, sawmills, steel mills, and the country’s largest shipyard.

The city is also a principal port of entry for textiles and metal products and has good highway and railroad connections. The chief exports are cattle, cereal grains, and timber. Educational facilities include the University of Galati and the Pedagogic Institute.

Part one – Services

1.If you have a plume at your bike or car you can go the vulcanization on the Cosbuc street. There are the smallest prices on the market.

2.Do you want to make some shopping ? You can go the Braille street. There are a lot of shops there. You can buy all clothes or shoes or trainers or caps you need. The prices are a little bit expensive but they deserve them because they are of the best quality.

3.Do you want to buy some sprts articles? A bike or roller skates or evrething of this kind? You can go to Sports Center. The prices there are very expensive but the items there of are very good quality.

4.If you need to buy some aliments you can go to Slabero on the Cordon Street. The prices there are reasonable. You can buy items with the table tickets.


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